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entries 3/2-3/5

Lol updating within less a week how rare!! I shouldn't neglect my school work but i can't resist!! 

Entries 2/17- 3/1

Yay finall updated and Katchan finally updated!! I've been waiting for a member to personally update for soo long!!
KATCHAN's entrie was pure <3 He kind of write the sme way a high school girl would LOL w/ all those emoji!! 

KCB just anounced a few major things on tehir newly updated webpage!! first off KCB apparently stands for Kick Chop Busters. and they have just added a new member!! Its kind of shocking but I think I'll get used to it... =P  I hope its a second guitarist and not vocal tho!!

Entries 2/1 - 2/16

Yay all caught up! I'll try to update more weekly instead of this massively long entries from now on =P

remember comments are <3

Entries 1/23-1/31

 Remember comments are motivating =D 

Regarding uploads:

Hi hi~~ as most of you kno the A rize clip is up at the site and taht mean most likely i'll begint o upload clips =D which also mean i'm going to f-lock those post. mainly because i don't want the links to be reported or whatnot. you know howsome people are =P so don't be scared to add me =D

Fan Letters!!

This is the address for sending fan letter!!

Stardust Music Publications:KCB
201 Copo Amagi,
Sarugaku-cho 2-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033