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Mar. 23rd, 2008

Hi~~ ^___^

Just to let you all know i'm still alive (barely -_-) I'm finally on spring break!! YATTA!! School is seriously so painful but a full week of sitting on my butt and doing nothing XD I been reading some of the articles that JUNON and PATI PATI have on KCB 

So far they been in 6 (5 technically since the 1st JUNON they were in only had a questionnaire or something like that) magazine I think, and I feel like I should buy them but its only a 2 page spread O_O BUT the newest PATI PATI is suppose to come with their poster! I love how much they are advertised despite the fact they've only release half of a song!!

The full list (Just copied and pasted from their official site and made my general comments)
  • 2008/03/22 JUNON (2008/05 Issue)
  • 2008/03/08 PATi PATi: WITH POSTER!! (2008/04 Issue)
  • 2008/02/23 JUNON  (2008/04 Issue) 
  • 2008/02/09 PATi PATi (2008/03 Issue)
  • 2008/01/23 JUNON: Questionnaire   (2008/03 Issue)
  • 2008/01/09 PATi PATi: KATCHAN Interview(2008/02 Issue)

I read a little bit of one of them and apparently all four of them (since it was before they added Ya-Cha) live in a 3 room apartment!  and DAIKI and JAEHEE share rooms while KATCHAN and TSUKASA get their own rooms and TSUKASA's is suppose to be in the master bedroom. 

Also they are schedule to have their first live in Osaka on 5/8 (which is NAOTO's B-day from Orange Range =P) and again on the 15th in Tokyo. Its called [KCB LIVE00 "A RIZE"] 

I wonder how popular they really are (I mean most of it is probably due to KATCHAN and his past relations to OR) But seriously this kind of promotion is crazy considering they haven't even scheduled when they are going to make an Offical debut! well 5/8 is a while away and lots can happen.... I wish I could goooooo ;-;

Ok expect more updates probably within the next week! I'll to get more pics and find scans of the magazines!


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Mar. 23rd, 2008 10:20 am (UTC)
I wonder if they still live in the 3 bedroom apt with all 5 members...that would mean someone else would have to share a room.
With all the promotion going on, they must be trying to get a good buzz going about the band..which is awesome!! I hope their lives do well (I would love to see them myself).
Mar. 23rd, 2008 08:07 pm (UTC)
hmm YA-CHA is orginally from Tokyo so there is a chance he might live at home (but if he does he should live w/ the rest of the group for more band-bonding XD)

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